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Three Benefits of our Leadership Courses

Customizable content creation that is tailor made, unique, and specific to your organization

Instruction that produces tangible and effective results

Real world experience, not textbook theory

Meet our founder, Josh Fowler

Josh Fowler, owner of Charge the Line


Jason T. Waterfield, Fire Chief

Jason T. Waterfield, Fire Chief (ret.)

"Josh Fowler is a great up and coming professional instructor for the Fire Service. I had the opportunity to sit through a couple of his sessions. I was impressed with Josh's articulated ability to present. It is very worthwhile if you get the opportunity to attend a class or two. Again, I was very impressed to see him in action!"

Lonnie Loosemore, Captain Paramedic

Lonnie Loosemore, Captain Paramedic

"It was a honor to finally shake your hand and introduce myself. Your courses and articles are amazing and motivate me to become the best version of a Hazmat/Fire Captain I can be while at the same time improving my guys around me."

Rick Edinger, Chairman, NFPA Hazardous Materials Response Technical Committee

Rick Edinger, Chairman, NFPA Hazardous Materials Response Technical Committee

"Josh is creating some new boundaries in leadership training for public safety professionals. His articles and teachings are a welcome addition for an emerging generation of emergency response leaders. A great read and inspiring instructor."

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We offer 90-minute leadership training courses and management consulting as well as week-long workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Leadership Development and Leadership Training?

Leadership Training is mostly short-term with a concrete goal in mind for an individual role or job requirement that meets an immediate or present need.
Leadership Development is more long-term with goals that are open-ended and ongoing and focuses on the individual person and overall progression of the person for future needs.

Why is Leadership Development important?

Attract more talent: It’s more than just salary; it’s about room for growth and a sense of security within the organization.

Retain and develop talent: Similar to the above, it’s opportunity that coincides with team member goals that lead to the organization’s competitive advantage.

Increase productivity and performance: Employee engagement occurs when they feel valued. Application of sound leadership development strategies will improve your team and help them gain the essential qualities to perform to their highest potential.

Will I get the same content delivered as my competitor?

No. Each program is customized to the client’s unique and specific needs. With the strictest of standards, we maintain client confidentiality with any information shared.