Charge the Line

Part 2: Why Do We Communicate? - Contribution

By Josh Fowler

An intention is an aim that guides your communication or action, an objective, purpose, or outcome. It is the "why" behind the message. - Patrick Donadio, Communicating With Impact

Communication is about contributing information. However, this sharing of information should not be haphazard. It needs to be intentional.

The information we share is based on our intentions. For example, the intentional communication of a consultant would be markedly different than that of a coach. A consultant identifies problems and provides solutions for whatever challenges the organization is facing at that moment, whereas a coach helps those explore an issue and guides them in uncovering the answers to the challenges they face on their own.

When we pre-identify our intentions when contributing information (internally or externally), it allows us to craft a message that is much clearer. Ask these questions:

  • Why am I communicating?

  • What is my intent or outcome for this communication?

  • What is the receiver’s intent or outcome for this communication?

  • What is our desired end-result of this communication; what do we want the other person to think, do, or feel?

In the end, the intention of the contribution becomes the primer that drives the result.